Play for Change. Our debut, full length album!
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We are constantly updating our shows on Please follow the link to download full shows in the format of your choosing.
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Sample tracks from our new album, Play For Change
Ain't No Game 6 MB Download
Babycakes 8 MB Download
Barrelhouse 6 MB Download

Jam of the month number 2. It goes there, then looks around, finds a new direction, and comes back to life. A 20 minute adventure through musical terrain. Enjoy!

JamOfTheMonth 01 15 MB Download
JamOfTheMonth 02 18 MB Download

Live recordings from our show at Moe's Alley Nov. 8, 2005

A Goose 6 MB Download Stream
Wide Open 8 MB Download Stream
Zen In The City 8 MB Download Stream
Stonybrook 9 MB Download Stream
Ain't No Game 6 MB Download Stream
Babycakes 6 MB Download Stream